What are these Palette Portraits all about then?

My palette portraits are unique, small scale portraits painted in oils on traditional wooden artist palettes. They could be anything from adult, child, baby or pet portraits. They are approximately 30 x 40 cm each.


Note: I am also able to paint the portraits on a canvas of similar size at request (a good option if you'd prefer to have the painting framed!)

How much does one cost?

$330 (includes postage within Australia)

How long does a portrait take?

A portrait can take up to 3 weeks to complete. While it will often be sooner, I like to allow for drying time and postage.

How do I commission a portrait?

All you need do is send me through an email at jacqartist@gmail.com, expressing your interest and we'll go from there.

To get started, I would need a good quality image (i.e. not too blurry or small).

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